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 Welcome to Gerisa Gems

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Welcome the holidays with Holiday Splendor, a necklace and earring set perfect for office or evening. Find a complete description on the next page, The Fall Holiday


Wire wrapped Labadorite Pendant.png
Tibetan Turquoise.png

Tibetan turquoise on a 16" black silk cord and a wire-wrapped labadorite on a sterling silver 18" chain are highlights from our pendant collection. 

Matte Glass & Golden Dowry Bead.jpg


Composed of  fine 8mm matte glass beads with spaced with gold glass seed beads, Golden Evening features a hammered copper, gold washed vintage dowry bead in the center. The necklace measures 18" with a 2" extension. It is finished with a gold-filled ring clasp.   

Created In Nature
Fashioned Into Beautiful Designs



The Gemstone Story

Gemstones have been with us almost since time began. There are approximately 200 different gemstones in the world today. According to sources quoted in Smithsonian Magazine, a tiny gem called Zircon dates back nearly 4.4 billion years. It comes from the Jack Hills, located in Western Australia. Measuring just 0.0157 inches long, this tiny  gem was discovered in 2001 (, 2/24/2014).

Our connections to gemstones are deeply meaningful, in the world of beauty and far beyond. Countries around the world associate themselves with particular gemstones, and states within the United States do so as well. In addition, the lore of various regions attributes particular qualities to gemstones found in those locales.


Scriptural references in Exodus 28: 15-21 describe the [gem]stones in the breastplate made for Aaron. The International Gem Society identifies some of them as carnelian, amethyst, agate, crystal, lapis lazuli and jasper ( Indeed, our association to the world of gemstones is rich and varied.

The Gerisa Gems Collection

Our jewelry is fashioned to complement, never overwhelm. Select gemstones are enhanced with fine glass, and quality findings.  The name and size of stones are provided in the description of each piece shown online, ensuring an accurate sense of overall dimension.

The Fall & Holiday Collection includes full and half strand necklaces. Just in time for holiday giving and wearing, we have added  hand-sewn "flower strands" and full strands adorned with dowry beads to the collection.

Upcoming Show

If you are in the New York area, visit us at the Whole Bead Show at Iron23 (29 W. 23rd St) on Oct 13 - 15.

Contact Information

For additional information about items in our collection, you can reach us at —


To purchase or inquire about items from our Fall & Holiday Collection,

Send us an email. The link follows.

Remember to include your full name, telephone number, email address and specific questions in the body of your message!

Sea Globe.jpg

Sea Globe is composed of 10mm glossy black onyx, spaced with fancy silver metal beads. The necklace is finished with a  Tibetan turquoise center stone and sterling silver clasp. It measure 18.5" with a 1.5" extension.

Mountain Sunrise.JPG

Composed of 10mm and 4mm tigers eye in varying hues, Mountain Sunrise is inspired by the breathtaking colors of a Southwest sunrise in the chill of winter. The earrings and 20" necklace are finished with gold-filled findings. 

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